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From: Otto, Doug (otto@alldata.com)
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 15:42:44 CDT

I got several replies from folks telling me to modify sd.conf to support
multiple LUNs. As originally mentioned, I have mounted filesystems already
on most of those so seeing the actual LUN was not the problem. Thanks to
"Arthur Darren Dunham [add@netcom.com]" for the suggesting that I believe
what the CLI tools were telling me and ignore metatool.

I just finished building a filesystem on the new 80gb stripe.


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I've got an E3500 (Solaris 2.6 with latest patch cluster) with multiple
Symbios Logic 3400 RAID arrays installed each on their own controller (same
raid hardware as an A1000). Without downing the system I need to create one
80gb file system from two 40gb LUNS. The problem I'm running into with
DiskSuite is that I can't get it to recognize any controller configured with
more than 1 lun. For example, on

controller 0 - 1 LUN system disk only
controller 1 - 6 LUNs
controller 2 - 4 LUNs
controller 3 - 3 LUNs
controller 4 - 1 LUN

>From disk suite (metatool) I can only see controllers 0 and 4. If I create
the metadb to use slices on controller 1 the controller shows up in metatool
but the size is read incorrectly. I can manually create the stripe set from
the command line, but don't trust the configuration because of the bogus
errors I get from metatool.

Ideally, I'd reslice up the LUNs on controller 1 to create the necessary
space, but I've got mounted (i.e. in production) filesystems in the same
disk group.

Has anyone run into this before or have a work around? My hunch is that
this is a feature of this wonderful tool called DiskSuite.


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