SUMMARY: Re: Replicating e-mail servers

From: Thomas Chung (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 13:33:09 CDT

I had several replies, and would like to thank all those who took time to
do so---you know who you are. Many suggested that I use 'rsync' pretty good suggestion, I think. I'm checking
it out right now, and it seem exactly what I need. Another suggestion was
Veritas Storage Replicator for Filesystems; I'm also checking that out.

Thomas Chung wrote:
> We have two email servers in different geographical location, connected by a
> T1 line, that we would like mirror to each others, preferable real-time.
> Both servers has ~1500 users in their respective site. We like to mirror the
> inboxes /var/mail/* as well as the home directories, so that when server A goes
> down we can change entry in dns for the users to point server B. Currently
> we are using sendmail as a MTA, imapd as a distribution method, netscape,
> zmail-lite as email clients (web-based email client is also possibility). I
> like to collect some opinions on how to set this up, everything from
> account replication to third party software that might let you do this easily.
> Thanks,
> tc

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