SUMMARY #2: Sun PCi crashes when invoking "workman"

From: Jeff Miller (jpm@emerald.dtc.Kodak.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 12:19:37 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my 2nd message, especially:

"Kenneth N. Ash" <>

He made some suggestions about whether vold was running.

>From his question, I thought I would check /etc/rmmount.conf.

Looks like the /etc/rmmount.conf file is copied and modified
by the sunPCi install script. The script copies the original
to /etc/rmmount.conf.beforesunpc

Sun PCi install modified /etc/rmmount.conf to include the line:
< action cdrom

The Original (before suncpi) /etc/rmmount.conf only had:
> action cdrom

Solution: Workman needs vold running, but comment out the line from /etc/rmmount.conf that the install created:

i.e.: #action cdrom

and Workman can run without crashing SunPCi. However, the multimedia player in SunPCi window can not read music cdroms. The multimedia reader in PCi will keep reading data (software cdroms).

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Hi, I have the following config:

(*) Ultra-5 w/ Solaris 2.6 Recommended, y2k, and m64 video patches loaded. Prom flashed to v 0.051

(*) SunPCi v 1.1.2

(*) "Workman" v 1.3 (freeware music cdrom player)

(*) User is in CDE w/ 24 bit graphics set.

When working in the PCi window, as soon as the workman tool is brought up, the PCi window crashes.

Also if the music cd is in the cdrom drive, and the Microsoft cdrom music player is invoked (from within PCi), the PCi window crashes too.

Anybody seen this one?


Jeff Miller

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