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From: Michael Kriss (
Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 09:56:23 CDT

Original question below:

I received several suggestions on this. First, a reply from Sun Contract

The AnswerBook was not designed with access control in mind. There is no
plan to add it. There is no way to convert the answer book documentation
into html. Run AnswerBook as a cgi process through your web server. Go
to to access documentation.

All wonderful suggestions. Let me be the first to congratulate Sun on
such a wonderful product. BTW the documentation I was trying to put on
the web is for the Workshop 5.0 compilers which comes with NO

Other suggestions include:

* Block the port at the firewall (can't do it)

* Run as a cgi process (would probably be too slow, but I might have to
give it a try)

* Download the doc from Sun in pdf format (lose link capability, etc.)


Michael Kriss wrote:

> Sun managers,
> I would like to limit access to my AnswerBook2 server (Sparc, Solaris 2.7)
> to a single subnet. With apache I think this could be done either with an
> htaccess file or in the access config file for apache. AnswerBook uses, I
> believe, the dynaweb server from Inso. Tech support at Inso will not
> provide any support unless you give them lots of money. Sun support also
> could not help. Does anyone know what to put in the dyanweb config file
> to limit access by IP address? If not, how about suggestions on
> converting the AnswerBook files (I don't think they are pure sgml) into
> html?
> michael

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