solaris 2.7 [SUMMARY]

From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 15:58:07 CDT


I am a tad tardy on this summary but will post anyways.

My original post(at the bottom) was regarding software issues involving
configuring my 2.7 box to be a name server, firewall, mail server, and
proxy server.

The list responses were quick and very informative.

thanks to: John, Colin, Nancy, Bunny, Bob, Anand, David, Erwin, Kevin, and
Ryan for their timely advice.

1st I was told that I could download gcc 2.8.1 from and
then use it to, in turn, compile any upgrades (eg gcc 2.95.1 etc...)

2nd As far as mail goes: qmail-pop3d, qpopper, U. of Washington's POP and
IMAP servers came recommended.

3rd I was told to be aware of that fact that gcc compiles to 32 bit and not
64 which could present complications with certain apps(eg lsof which I use

thanks again

Original Post follows:


I just configured my 2.7 box and was wondering if anyone had any issues
(especially compatability issues) regarding the installation/configuration
of any 1 or more of the following packages:

TIS's firewall toolkit
any popper software

any pointers would be appreciated,



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