SUMMARY: [Q] Does autoloader need special software to control it?

From: L (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 13:49:03 CDT

Thank you for the answer. The summary are:

1. look like NOT too many people use SUN 72GB DDS-3. Only one person said
not very reliable.

2. couple of answers said "tar" and "ufsdimp" can handle it. Most
answers said I need special software like "Legato", Solstice backup or
Veritas netbackup to control the box. Normally backup is NOT problem,
because after tape full, it automatic go to next tape. The restore is NOT
easy without special software. The software "Legator, Solstice backup and
Veritas" are NOT cheap.

3. Almost all the suggestion go to DLT. It can handle 35/70GB data and
very stable, but a
little bit expensive (around $5,000 for driver and $75 for cartridge). No
one mention about AIT.

My original post:
> 1. Does SUN 72GB DDS-3 is good product? I knew DDS-3 normal not very
> stable.
> 2. Do I need purchase special tool (software) to work with autoloader
> when I doing backup? Will "tar" or "ufsdump" work with autoloader?

> 3. any other better choice than SUN 72GB DDS-3?

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