Summary - Disk Quota

From: Vishwanath PB (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 10:20:45 CDT


My sincere thanks to ' Sandeep Patni <>'

Here is a summary for user disk quota question, but it did not help me.
This is because I was exploring the options to implement disk quota for
the directories, and in the only reply I received, it mentions
'Quotas are filesystem specific, not directory specific'.

Is there anything we can do for directories.


Original Question

Dear Managers,

Can I enable user disk quota for a directory also.

What I mean by this is,

We have only 3 partitions.
/ and /usr on one disk and one file system on a disk array of about 80
This file system of 80 GB contains everything, that is, data, Working
files, home directories etc..Now, I want to enable disk quota only to

the users home directories. Is it possible to do so ?

Can anybody through some light on this. I'll summarize.

Thanks in advance,

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