Summary: Brackets for E-450 Hard Disks

From: Rick Fincher (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 14:08:39 CDT

Hi All,

My original message was:

> Hi Managers,
> Anyone know a source of, or even a part number for the hard disk
> drive mounting
> brackets used in the E-450?

The replies are listed below.

The part is evidently known as the "spud" or "staple". Of the folks that listed
a price, $35 was the lowest for a single unit.

I got two different part numbers. One turned up this on a spare parts page at
the Sun web site:


Three others gave the part number 540-3024, that is evidently in the Field
Engineer's Handbook. It didn't turn up on a search of Sun's main web site.
Thanks to the following for the help:

Marc Asch <>
"Rezbi, Ghulam" <>
Robert Johannes <>
"Timothy Lorenc" <>
Allan West <>
John Malick <>
"Gary D Jones" <>

Best Regards,

Rick Fincher
Thunderbird Technologies, Inc.


From: Marc Asch <>


Robert Johannes told me you were looking for brackets for the Sun E450.

The bracket you need is the 540-3024 Spud Bracket.

We have original Sun brackets available for $35 1-10; $30 11-99; $25

We deal in the full range of Sun hardware and currently have available
IPCs through E3000s as well as arrays and perihperals.



Marc Asch Security Computer Sales, Inc. 651-653-5200 2340 County Road J 651-653-4300 FAX White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Dealing in Sun, SGI, DEC and HP since 1983


From: Robert Johannes <>

Try Security Computer Sales email: or


From: "Timothy Lorenc" <>

Try Don Black at

-- Specializing in computer and network consulting...


From: has them.. I think from memory they are about 300 dollars australian.

Travis Freeland Systems Section Leader ITS Deakin University


From: "Rezbi, Ghulam" <> To: "'Rick Fincher'" <> Subject: RE: Brackets for E-450 Hard Disks Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 11:54:16 +0100



From: Allan West <>

My housemate just got some for $40 from Bason Computers Bill Coffin 800-238-4453, ext 111 Fax: 818-727-9064 He said they're description is: Sun SPUD HD bracket for E-450 $40 3.5" 1.0" high drive rail but he didn't mention a part number.


From: John Malick <>

The 450 disk bracket is coded named spud.. Its basically called a disk staple for the way it looks. Its Sun part number is 560-2229 ..


From: Sun System Admin <>

anacapa micro products 250 450 sleds SDSUSPUDLP $80



From: Tim Carlson <>

Marathon Computing (talk to Jim Hall) 650-919-0333


From: <> (David B. Harrington)


Try Vertex International (800-649-0665, Matt Rogghe) in MI, or MicroAge (301-2121138, Matt Lederer) in MD.


From: "Gary D Jones" <>


My Field Eng Handbook shows a 1" Spud Bracket part number 540-3024 that attaches to the drives. It says this fits all the 4.2GB, 9.1GB drives that are specified. The 20 drive chassis is 540-2831. Hope this helps...



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