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Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 11:52:02 CDT

Thanks everybody as I went brain dead on this one

Most said to rename the Sxxx script in /etc/rc2.d, here are some of the
response as I got nailed with this one.

Thanks again
Go into rc2.d or rc3.d and rename the file from starting with a capital 'S'
to a
lowercase 's'. Only files starting with a capital 'S' are ran.
Remove them from the appropriate /etc/rc#.d directories. For instance, if I
want to prevent the nfs client from starting when rebooting, I will suppress
the /etc/rc2.d/S73nfs.client entry. Basically, when entering a runlevel, the
system goes through the 'S....' entries (for 'start') in the corresponding
rc#.d, and
calls the corresponding /etc/init.d/... script with a 'start' argument. (the
K... entries are, quite obviously, for killing the same daemon).
Find the startup/shutdown script in /etc/rcx.d (either rc2.d or rc3.d) and
rename it or delete it. Make sure if you're going to delete it that it's a
symlink into /etc/init.d and not a regular file. You can move it into
/etc/init.d where you can still use it to start/stop manually.

The startup looks in /etc/rcx.d and runs anything starting with capital S,
so any other name (like small s) will prevent it from starting.
If you rename the appropriate file in /etc/rc*.d/Swhatever to start with a
lower-case "s" instead of upper-case "S", they won't start automatically.
They'll still be there for reference though, and it won't affect
You should look into /etc/rc2.d and /etc/rc3.d directories. This is where
relevant scripts live. To disable one of them, delete the S or K in front
of its name.
take them out of the startup scripts areas. /etc/rc2.d and /etc/rc3.d .
these dirs correspond to runlevels (sun passes through 2 on it's way to 3)
anything in the dir starting w/ S is run at startup w/ a "start" argument
passed to it. at shutdown anything w/ a K is run w/ "stop". I usually
either backup the ones i move or I rename them to oldS99dtlogin
Either move the startup scripts out of the way or Change the first letter
from S to Z. Since there is no runlevel associated with Z (unlike K or S)
it should prevent startup of these scripts.
Just rm /etc/rc2.d/S??<daemon> and /etc/rc3.d/S??<daemon>, where ?? is some
number (used to order the loading, but not required to be unique)and
<daemon> is the name of the daemon.

If you want to keep them around, you could mv them to something else - rc
ignores anything in /etc/rc?.d that doesn't begin with a K (for kill,happens
first at each kernel level) or an S (for start, happens second).

Don't worry too much about rming them, though - they're just sym links to
the real scripts in /etc/init.d (well, hopefully, you might want to check

If you're feeling pedantic, you could also take care of
/etc/rc5.d/K??<daemon>, if it exists, but it won't break anything to leave
that alone.

If, on the other hand, these are daemons that are actually run through
inetd, then you'll have to comment out their line in /etc/inetd.conf.
Place an exit 0 at the top of each startup script

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