etherfind [SUMMARY]

From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 12:42:51 CDT


The responses to my original post were
many and were somewhat unanimous.

Thanks a lot(Cliff, Charles, Brett, Bill,
Bertrand, and Casper).

While it is true that /dev/nit does exist
on my system, it was not configured in my
kernel for security purposes(as I JUST
found out from the former Sys Admin).

Here is the original post and thanks again,




I am on a sun OS 4.1.4 box trying to run etherfind.

I get the following error: nit open: No such device

I know that /dev/nit is a character device that is the network interface
tap that lets you run etherfind in the first place.

I do indeed have /dev/nit on my device, is there maybe a link broken




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