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From: Lisa Weihl (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 15:48:10 CDT

I only received one reply to this from Birger Wathne which indicated that
he simply runs a font server for problems like this. I tried to set up the
font server but APL wanted to put the fonts in
/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/F3 and the font server did not like me adding
that path to it's list of allowed directories. I heard from an IBM rep
that someone else had Sun ship them bldfamily and convertfont. It wasn't a
huge problem because the fonts did get installed via just telling the font
install script to install plain X fonts.

The original team that wrote APL2 for Solaris at IBM is gone and the woman
I spoke to at tech support admited they aren't sure how to modify the
InstallFonts script now that bldfamily and convertfont are gone from

For my faculty member to end up using this he ended up having to install
the fonts in eXodus on his Macintosh which took a bit of playing also. The
font server would've been a great solution if I could've gotten it to work.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Original question>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We've installed IBM's APL2 for Sun Solaris on one of our Solaris 2.6
servers. In order to use it on other machines (also, Solaris 2.6) the
instructions say you need to install the fonts locally. Fine. I copy the
font directory and run their InstallFonts shell script. I'm new to dealing
with fonts so I'm clueless here, I just follow the instructions. It asks
if I want to install OpenWindows fonts, X or both. I say both, wondering
how that actually affects CDE which is what we mostly use. When it goes to
install the OpenWindows fonts it complains that it can't find convertfont
and bldfamily in /usr/openwin/bin. I've started reading the font chapter
in the X Windows system administrator guide I have and I see those programs
were actually part of the old X//NeWS distribution. Should they be there
in newer versions of Solaris? I checked and they aren't in our 2.5.1
installations either. However, it does appear to go ahead and install the
X fonts. The fonts appear to be in pcf form in

Apl can be started on the machine where the fonts are installed without
complaining. So I'm just curious about the convertfont and bldfamily issue.
One additional font problem is that trying to run apl on a Mac running an X
server or remotely on another Sun machine where the display is set also
complains about a missing font. I'm assuming because the needed fonts are
not locally on the Sun or Mac?

TIA for any info on this,

ps - if anyone out there is running IBM's APL2 on Solaris could you e-mail
me privately I have a couple of other questions.

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