SUMMARY: [Q] SUN PGX graphic card on E450?

From: L (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 15:46:06 CDT

Thank uou for the answer. I summary as follow:

  . No one give me opinion about PGX32 on E450
  . One person said PGX8 work good with E450
  . Most people suggest on server just put dummy terminal.

In our environment all of the servers (E3X00, E4X00 and E250) have graphic
card with color monitor on it. The reason we don't want dummy terminal is
more and more tools need GUI interface. It is convient have Graphic card
on the server. ORACLE installation and Enterpise manager (version 2) also
need GUI interface.

My original post:
>we plan to purchase a SUN E450 server. I need your opinion which
>card should I pirchase PGX 32, PGX8 or any other? This server will work
>as ORACLE database server ONLY. Because we just purchase a SUN E250 with
>PGX32 and have bad experience. I used post this problem on this list and
>someone told me PGX32 is very bad card but SUN still sale it. Please let
>me know your experience on PCI graphic card?

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