Summary: able to ping not able to telnet

Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 05:16:41 CDT

Thanks to
Tom Lojewski
Bill Crane
Roy Culley
Vilain, Sam

It was a name resolution problem only when we telnet to a machine with
ip address it tries to resolve the host name and write it in utmpx,
our DNS was down so I removed dns entry from nsswitch.conf and worked .

Special thanks to
Vilain, Sam and Tom Lojewski their solution worked.



Hi All,

I am able to ping to a Sun Workstation (SS Ultra - Sun OS 5.5.1).
But when I try to run a telnet session, the window hangs.

Note: I am able to telnet to this machine via another sun machine.

Name resolution is not a problem as using with ip address.

Some of the machines in the network are able to telnet sucessfully.

arp -a gives no clue , arp address gives purmanentPublished address from
other sun.
There is no problem with my machine since I am able to telnet to
various other machines.

Any ideas ?



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