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Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 12:47:27 CDT

Thanks to all below as I drew a complete blank on the /etc/shell file

Serg `Ice` Tsyganenko []

add /fullpath/rksh to /etc/shells, also see man ftpd ( /etc/shells must
conatin allowed shells, by default if no /etc/shells sh, csh and ksh assumed
allowed ).
Lopaka Delp []
put the shell path in the /etc/shells file.
Tim Carlson []
/bin/rksh or /usr/bin/rksh does not exist in /etc/shells
Simon-Bernard Drolet [sbdrolet@M3iSystems.QC.CA]
rksh must be in /etc/shells, so add /bin/rksh to it
Check also "man shells" and man ftpd.

First, the user name must be in the password data base, /etc/passwd,
and have a password that is not NULL. A pass-word must always be provided
by the client before any file operations may be performed. The PAM
framework (see SECURITY below) is used to verify that the correct
password was entered.

Second, if the user name appears in the file /etc/ftpusers, ftp access is

Third, ftp access is denied if the user's shell (from /etc/passwd) is not
listed in the file /etc/shells. If the file /etc/shells does not exist, then
the user's shell must be one of the following:

/usr/bin/sh /usr/bin/csh /usr/bin/ksh
/usr/bin/jsh /bin/sh /bin/csh
/bin/ksh /bin/jsh /sbin/sh
Timothy Lorenc []
Make sure that the /etc/shells file exists with <fully-qualified-path>/rksh
in it for that shell to be usable via ftp on that system...

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