SUMMARY and REPOST: How to relocate software pkg:s and what is pkgmv?

From: Johan Nyberg (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 16:15:18 CDT


I got only one reply on this one (my original question is at the end).
The reply was from Dave McFerren <> who suggested:

"It may be easier simply to move the packages then create a link to
 the moved directories..."

The packages (binary files, libraries, etc.) have always been in their
correct places (in /usr/local) but the information about these packages
stored under /var/sadm is not there because I had to make a new
installation (not an upgrade) when moving from Solaris 2.6 to 7.
Therefore e.g. pkgrm will not work because it finds no information
about these packages.

So, my problem is still unsolved and therefore I give it a second try:

Does anybody know what the program /usr/sbin/pkgmv does? Can it be
used to move installed software packages from one root path to
another? This is what I need. If pkgmv cannot do it, is there another
program or script that could?


My original question:

> Hello all Sun managers,
> I need to relocate a large number of software packages, installed by
> 'pkgadd', from one root path to another and I wonder if there is
> a program or a script that can do this.
> On my system running Solaris 7 there is an undocumented program
> '/usr/sbin/pkgmv' which perhaps can do what I want. However, I found no
> information about this program (no man page, nothing in
> nor in any of the Solaris FAQs). When I start the program with the
> '-h' option it gives the following message:
> # /usr/sbin/pkgmv -h
> /usr/sbin/pkgmv: illegal option -- h
> usage: pkgmv [RSosd] pkginst | path1=path2
> #
> The reason I want to relocate the software packages is the following.
> I was running Solaris 2.6 and had installed many packages e.g. from
> in /usr/local using the default root path of '/'
> (i.e. information about these installed packages was located under
> /var/sadm/).
> For various reasons I had to do a new installation of Solaris 7,
> instead of an upgrade from Solaris 2.6 and now my software packages
> that were installed under /usr/local, and which I did not re-install,
> can of course not be accessed anymore using the default root path when
> running e.g. pkginfo.
> I have saved the 'old' Solaris 2.6 system temporarily under /sol26,
> and if I select this location as the root path I can access all the
> packages when running pkgadd, pkgrm, ... by using the option '-R
> /sol26'. But now I want all packages to use the same root path '/', or
> even better make the root path of the packages installed in
> '/usr/local' be '/usr/local' instead of '/'.
> Any help is appreciated.


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