SUMMARY: Cost of one user in unix

From: Marais Gert (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 06:48:04 CDT

Hi all,
Thanx for all who answered my cry for help and share good ideas and
point me in the right direction.
The best to answer my question is to visit and read the
underneath documents regarding costing in the unix world.
After reading this there is still a few calculations to do on the abacus
for the bean counters ( They do not know what is "bc" :-)
Thanx again.
My original question below:
> Firstly sorry for asking a non technical question to the group but I
> need al the help and suggestions I can get. I would rather fix a
> broken
> machine or operating system before answering to bean counters who
> wants
> a answer yesterday.
> I have been asked by the bean counters what the cost of one unix user
> is. They say that the IBM mainframe guys said that they have documents
> that states that one mainframe user uses x- mips and will cost $x.
> Therefore to add another user it will cost you so many $'s.
> How do I work something like that out in unix. I have a SUN6000
> running
> Oracle and all users connect to the Oracle DB via web based front
> ends.
> I have done capacity planning but never add a cost for each user. Is
> there any standard cost table on the net against which I can compare
> or
> can get some suggestions?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
> Gert

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