SUMMARY-Intializing on Startup

From: Larry Pazdernik (
Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 18:02:48 CDT

Dear Sun Mangers:
This is defintely one of those "duh" things. I should have known better
than to try doing about 3 things at once.

Thanks go to Arthur Darren, Dunham, who provided me with info on using the
L1-N or Stop-N keys during powerup.

The following persons nailed the problem on the head: Ross Parker, Michael
Maciolek, and John Weekly, who all spotted that I used the incorrect
eeprom command. I used eeprom output-device=ttya, when I should have used

I connected an old serial monitor to serial port A to use as a dumb
terminal, and re-issued the eeprom output-device=screen command, then the
system booted up fine, and output to the monitor.

Thanks again for everyone who provided help with this.
As I try to keep this thing going for our school system, I definetely
appreciate all the invaluable assistance this list provides.

Original Message:
I have an older Sun--690 MP, that has Solaris 2.5.1 installed. I changed
the eeprom settings to be these values:
eeprom output-device=ttya
eeprom input-device=keyboard

When I shutdown, I turned the power off to the system and upon rebooting,
it just gives me a black screen with these words showing up in white:
Initializing Please Wait
    (fbv 2.9)

It seems to just hang up on this screen. I took out the tape drive, and
installed the Cd-Rom so I could boot from that, but when I restart the
system, it comes back up to this Initializing Please Wait screen, so I am
unable to get the command prompt.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

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