SUMMARY: Additional Ethernet Card

Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 06:04:25 CDT

Dear Sun managers,

 Just after posting the question, I found an info doc on SUNsolve.

 The solution was to do a ifconfig qe3 plumb to let the streams know
its there!

 ifconfig -a reported the interface.

 I added an entry to /etc/hosts and created a /etc/hostname.qe3 file
containing the ip address.

 I then touch'd a /etc/notrouter file to prevent in.routed -s from

 Rebooted the system and both network connections came up.


Original Question

>>I am trying to install a second Ethernet card into a Sparc Station 5,
 Prom v. 2.15
>>I am running solaris 2.6.
>>I can only configure 1 network interface. If I try to talk to the
other, I get a message saying no such interface.
>>The card I am trying to install is qe based card.
>>I have tried using sys-unconfig and the all network ports show
available, but after I configure the primary, the other port is no long
>>Can anyone offer any advice.

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