SUMMARY: console messages

Date: Tue Jun 08 1999 - 16:55:08 CDT

     Thank you for the responses.
As many of you pointed out:
echo "<message>" > /dev/console works
as well as
/usr/ucb/logger -p local0.err "<message>"
What I was looking for was a command to write to the console regardless of
whether or not someone was logged in.
The above to methods do not work if you are at the CDE login screen.

What I did was this. I took off dtlogin. put openwin for the user that
needed it.
And so now
echo "<message>" > /dev/console works in both cases, the only case where we
may miss a message is when somone is logging in. on 06/08/99 10:49:50

cc: (bcc: Jonathan Loh)
Subject: console messages

     How do I send messages to the console? I'm using Sol 2.6.

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