[SUMMARY] NIS+ Problem

From: Steven Xiao (slx@laforge.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 09:23:49 CDT

Hi all,

  My original question is at the end of this message.

  I got only one response from
       Aravind Mallipudi (aravid.mallipudi@us.socgen.com)
Thanks to Aravind. I wish I could get more replies and find some way to
solve my problem. It seems that I have to ask users to fix that problem by

  Steven Xiao

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As per NIS+ documentation, if u get this error..it means that the user's
login password and the network password aren't the same.Running keylogin
and typing in the NIS+ password(nisplus, if it is the first time)and then
chkey syncs the user password and the network password.
As far as my knowledge goes(I used to work on NIS+ before and now on nis)
this is the only way or rather the right way to do it.

Hope this helps.


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To: sun-managers@sunmanagers.ececs.uc.edu
cc: (bcc: Aravind MALLIPUDI/us/socgen)
Subject: NIS+ Problem

Hi, SAs,

  I set up a NIS+ server on Solaris 7, copied users' information
(passwords, home directories ...) from Solaris 2.4 and populated them.
It runs ok except there is an error message like

  Password does not decrypt secret key (type = 640-0) for

  I know that for individual user, he can use commands "keylogin",
"chkey" and input some passwords to fix it. My question is:

  Is there any way that I can fix it for them without knowing their
passwords? Did I do any thing wrong when I set up the NIS+ server?

  Thank you in advance.

  Steven Xiao

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