SUMMARY:system reboots automatically

From: zhouna (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 01:07:19 CDT

1.Most people told me to enable savecore and obtain core files. by
analyzing core files i could track down the problem.

 modify /etc/init.d/sysetup, uncomment the last 6 lines.

2.others thought that i must make sure i don't have an old revision sun
200MHz cup, for cpus with Part Number below 501-3041-05 or 501-4791-02
do have this kind of problem.

3.I forgot to include the most important information below when i sent
the email:

panic[cpu0]/thread=0x6125cc80: CPU0 Ecache SRAM Data Parity Error: AFSR
0x00000000 80400004 AFAR 0x000001ff 30000000

Kevin Sheehan told me I had to replace the cpu chip when i sent him this

thanks to:

        "Tang, Koon" <>
        "Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram" <>
         Thomas Lester <>
        "Umesh C Singhal" <>
        "Kevin P. Inscoe" <>
        John Stoffel <>
        "Sapiro, Vadim" <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
        "Michael Little" <>

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