SUMMARY: Tally printer setup

From: Teresa & Darryl Pace (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 22:06:32 CDT

Many thanks to Arthur J. Byrnes for his reply. Here is the
original question, followed by Arthur's reply.

    Has anyone out there ever successfully configured a Sun box
to print to a Tally Matrix line printer (model T6180)? We've
attached a NIC card to the printer that is supposed to make the
printer appear as a network device. The printer is ping-able.
I've used admintool with no success. Also, I've used lpadmin
to set up the printer, again with no success. When I used
lpadmin, after enabling the queue, it appeared that print jobs
were being spooled and sent to the printer. However, when
checking (via snoop) if any packets were being sent from the
server to the printer, nothing appeared. The printer and server
are both on the same network ( with a subnet mask
of It appears, based on the fact that no packets
are being sent to the printer, that the problem is on the Solaris
host. Any ideas?


Well, Darryl, we did one just yesterday, and here is the list of

1. login as super user.
2. cd /usr/lib
3. lpsystem -t bsd
4. lpadmin -p -s!printer.service.port

Example to setup the TALLY Printer,
step 3 should be --- lpsystem -t bsd tally
step 4 should be --- lpadmin -p TALLY -s tally!ADT_T6_PS_P1

Now what I don't know is how the "port" value is determined or
setup, that was done on this printer before I got here.
Historically, the folks here have used all upper case for the
printer name, and that is ok, but, the in
step three, must be a host name that can be resolved using
nslookup. So thats why, step 4 says TALLY and step 3 says tally.

I tried to do this many times and had the same failure symptoms
that you have, and it was because I left off the port value....

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