Summary: white papers on Hardening solaris

From: Siddiqi Farhan A (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 09:48:03 CDT

        Original Question:

        HI Managers,
                 Does anyone know the where I can get a white paper on
        solaris. I used to have this document but have misplaced it and am
not very
        successful with the search on the sun site.


        Farhan Ahmed Siddiqi

        THE RESULTS:

        Thanks to
        1)Lee Trujillo
        2)Dirk Pantering
        3) Rick Morgan

for pointing me to a number of very useful archives. A combination of these
would definitly be very useful.

Armoring Solaris by Lance Spitzner:
Strip Down SUN Servers by Joe@Checkpoint: <mailto:Joe@Checkpoint:>
<> <>

Farhan Ahmed Siddiqi

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