SUMMARY: no keyboard bootup

From: Teresa & Darryl Pace (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 05:16:48 CDT

First, thanks to everyone that responded.

My original question was:

   Is it possible to boot a Sun box (e.g., and Ultra 5) without
a keyboard. I've never tried this and have no non-production
equipment to try it on. I was asked this by a client. The client
said that there may be a parameter of some sort that, when set,
would enable this. Have any of you done, or heard of this?

The answer I generally received from everyone was:

Yes. If the machine is booted without a keyboard, ttya will be
used for console input. A dumb terminal can be plugged in and
used, or a PC running terminal emulator software can be hooked
up to the serial port in order to interact with Solaris.

If nothing is plugged into the serial port (ttya), then the machine
will still boot up normally unless there's some problem that requires
manual intervention (e.g., a fsck of a file system).


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