SUMMARY: monitoring of a web server

From: Jim Robertori (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 07:40:16 CDT

Thanks to everyone (listed below) for the responses. The responses were
categorized around a perl script, Big Brother, wget (a gnu utility), nocol,
RedAlert, pping, expect. I will try out wget and pping for their simplicity.

It became quickly apparent that I need to spend the time to learn perl.

Have a great day...


wget is available from
 RedAlert (

DJB's "supervise"
        supervise won't restart, but appears worthy of mention)

pping f
SiteScope available from

Bob Jackiewicz
Lee Trujillo
Timothy P. Peterman
Rich Snyder
J. Michael McGarrah
Michael Sullivan
Mark Sherman*
John White
Rick Robino
Enrique Vadillo
Michael Kriss
Gene Rackow
Mikel Stous
Jason Marshall
Arthur J. Byrnes
John Bradley
Jerry Litteer
Luke A. Kanies
Tindall, Mark
Rodney Wines
Graham Leggett
Mick Morgan
Ray Delaney

Jim Robertori wrote:
> Fellow SA's:
> we would like to implement a process that "watches" over whether a web server is
> up and answering requests. If the server is down, we would like to restart the
> server, and a few seconds later, check whether it's responding to requests. If
> not, send an alert to a beeper. I don't think a shell doing a simple ps and a
> grep for the process would work well enough
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how the first part can be done?
> Thanks and will summarize
> Jim Robertori

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