SUMMARY: Help reading a tape

From: Liz Marlow (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 05:29:52 CDT

Hi All

Basically everyone came up with the same reason for my problem:-

> The problem you have is that ufsrestore ivf -
> reads from stdin, while it also expects your user commands from stdin
> try restoring in non-interactive mode
> make sure your in an empty directory
> so try something like
> # cd /large/empty_dir
> # rsh bowden dd if=/dev/rmt/0n bs=65534 | /usr/sbin/restore rvf -

Many thanks to:-
        Gerhard den Hollander
        Brion Leary
        Arthur Darren Dunham
        Salehi, Michael E
        Bruce R. Zimmer
        Amir Asulin
        Ray Brownrigg

-------- Original Question--------

> Hi All
> I'm trying to read an old backup tape and I'm having some problems. I'm
> almost there but when I get to the stage shown below I can't get any
> further, if I press return or type ls etc. it just hands and there is no
> tape activity.


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