SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 upgrade

From: Vahid Moghaddasi (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 15:39:53 CDT

Many thanks to:
 Leonard, Roger
Apparently there is not an easy way to upgrade the OS on system with
veritas VM.
Here is the steps that Leonard Roger sent me:
Backup all files
save off pertinent files in separate tape (hosts, vfstab, services,
unmirror root (if mirrored)
unencapsulate root (if encapsulated)
deinstall Veritas
upgrade OS
reinstall Veritas
manually start Veritas and recreate the volboot file
reboot and continue.
Here is the proc I used:
Upgrading 2.5 to 2.6
Full ufsdump of root (2 copies)
Load an 8mm & 4mm tape
cd /os_upgrade
./getfiles.ksh (this is a script I wrote to save off files)
tar cvpf /dev/rmt/0mbn .
tar cvpf /dev/rmt/1mbn .
Reboot to see if system is operational
cd /etc/vx/reconfig.d/disk.d/c0t0d0 (or whatever root is)
lp vtoc
Using VxVA, unmirror root and swap and remove the plexes or use the
following commands:
        # vxplex -grootdg dis rootvol-02
        # vxplex -grootdg dis swapvol-02
        # vxedit -g rootdg -r rm rootvol-02
        # vxedit -g rootdg -r rm swapvol-02
Remove /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/root-done
take note of root disk path (c0t0d0 original & c2t0d0 mirror)
comment out all references to vx disks in /etc/vfstab
Using VxVA, remove the private region subdisk for root. The other
should have been removed by vxunroot. Or enter the following command to
        # vxedit -grootdg rm c0t0d0Priv
Remove the disk from rootdg with VxVA or the following:
        # vxdg -grootdg rmdisk c0t0d0
Check for all other volumes to be online
pkgrm all veritas packages
Using format, remove the public and private regions on root disk (slice
3 &4)
shutdown and boot single-user
fsck root partition
shutdown -h
Boot Solaris 2.6 CD & perform upgrade
Remove 2.6 CD and put in VX CD.
pkgadd pkgs 4,5,6,9 & 10
vxserial -c & enter key info
vxiod set 10
vxconfigd -m disable
vxdisk list and if the root drive shows up, do a vxdisk -grootdg rm
(or whatever)
vxdctl init
vxdctl enable
vxdiskadm & reencapsulate root disk
 uncomment the vx entries in vfstab
mount -a and verify filesystems mount
rm /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db
remirror root
Verify swap is back
Load 2.6 recommended patches
Load 2.6 Y2K patches

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