SUMMARY: can't boot off cdrom for 2.6 installation;

Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 23:31:00 CDT

     This is a great mailing list!!!, thanks to all the wonderful people
     that responded - too many to list
     1) Most people said the first problem was because the August 1997 cd
     was too old.
     From Brooke King:
     "You have to have 3/98 or more recent Solaris 2.6, 11/97 or more
     recent Solaris 2.5.1, or simply Solaris 7."
     2) You don't need OEM support for Ultra's.
     3) "Ganeshan" helped me to fix this problem:
     Using the 5/98 CD force it to boot in terminal mode rather than in
     the windows mode.
     ie at the ok prompt
     boot cdrom -w
     I did this and it still came up with windows on the Sun console
     (although it was a different coloured backdrop, I think it may have
     been CDE instead of Openwindows but that's just a guess) but at least
     I could see the Installation program!
     Also, David Blaine suggested setting "diag-switch" at the ok prompt to
     "true" so I could see any other system problems, - didn't get a
     chance to try this but i will remember it for future problems.
     and from David Evans:
     "The other thing is on one machine here the CD boot took a _long_ time
     (45 minutes) to load the configuration menus for some reason but was
     fine after that. "
     Perhaps that would have worked, but I wasn't that patient, (my limit
     is more like 5 minutes) :-)
     Thanks again
     I have to install solaris 2.6 on an ultra-10 which has come
     preconfigured with solaris 2.7.
     I have 2 cdroms and I can't make it boot off either for different
     1) August 1997 cdrom, it says 'cannot open kernel/unix'
     - according to 'troubleshooting' in the installation manual this is
     because the boot file location has been explicity set to /kernel/unix.
     This is not true, it is blank, when I type 'printenv' I can't see
     /kernel/unix anywhere. I have tried to type 'setenv boot-file ""' to
     reset it but then it says 'cannot open ""'.
     I also tried "set-defaults" at the prom level but still get the
     "cannot open kernel/unix" message.
     2) 5/98 CDROM, it starts up openwindows and then I get a blank blue
     screen - I can't see the installation program! I can get the
     openwindows menus to come up but 'refresh' option doesn't help, and
     trying to open a 'console window' or change the colours of the
     background etc. just generates error messages.
     I've looked in the archives and found similar problem to 1) but not
     the answer and sunsolve said similar things to the troubleshooting
     Please tell me what I am doing wrong before I smash the Ultra to bits.
     Also, do you need to install 'Entire Distribution + OEM" for the

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