[SUMMARY] libXaw.so.6.1 and Sol2.7 questions

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram (mparamas@iupui.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 11:25:18 CDT

Thanks to the following people for their quick responses;
Deepak Sinha [sinha@ils.nwu.edu]
Scott D. Yelich [scott@scottyelich.com]
Mark [mark@zang.com]
Peredo, Dee [dperedo@dow.com]
Casper Dik [casper@holland.sun.com]

libXaw is the Athena Widget library; it's on any GNU archive.
My fault, I forgot about the README file on the pkg. One of the response
said "read the README on the pkg site it'll explain how to link those
missing X libraries to ones you do have. Or you can install X11R6.4 which
will have that library in it, after you update your LD_LIBRARY_PATH."

There were many responses mentioning how to create such links; Create a
symlink from libXaw.so.5 to libXaw.so.6.1 in the /usr/openwin/lib directory.

One response also said that I should complain about the GNUghostv package.
The response noted "They should be linked against the standard X11 libraries
Sun ships, not some non-standard X distribution."

This is what I did to get ghostview working:
I made symbolic link from /usr/openwin/lib 5 version to /usr/lib 6 version,
for each link I ran ghostview, which then prompted me for another ver6
library. After total of 7 links, ghostview came up. Obviously the best
method is to install X11R6.4.

All reponses said permission problem with sendmail directories. Since our
department policy was to disable sendmail on UNIX machines, the problem went
away when I just did that.

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I just cold-installed Solaris 2.7 server 3/99 version, and loaded
ghostscript first and then ghostview. When I run ghostview I get the
follwoing message;
ld.so.1: ./ghostview: fatal: libXaw.so.6.1: open failed: No such file or

Where do I get libXaw.so.6.1 from? Or how do I fix the problem?
        utility GNUghoscr GNU ghostscript 5.10 SPARC 32bit Solaris
        utility GNUghostv GNUghostview 1.5 SPARC 32bit Solaris 7

Also in 2.7, I get these frequent annoying messages:
Apr 26 12:45:28 fmri2 sendmail[2189]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): dbm map
"Alias0": u
nsafe map file /etc/mail/aliases

Where this is coming from and how do I stop this?

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