SUMMARY: Cleaning Tape and Sun Tape Drive

From: Reichert, Alan (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 13:51:15 CDT

Greetings, all.

Original question:
> I have a number of Sun tape drives, and all seem to work fine
> with cleaning tapes...
> with the exception of one "DX" 8mm drive. mt stat identifies it as an
> exabyte, but I have had this one open for service, and it is not
> Exabyte... I don't recall name, but something like Elker or some such.
> I've currently got flashing lights on it, and occasional messages that
> periodic cleaning is needed. However, the usual process of inserting
> cleaning tape, waiting a few,
> then having tape spit out does not seem to be working. I insert the
> cleaning tape, and it spits right back out, with no cleaning accomplished.
> Is there a particular method for cleaning these drives?

Thanks to the MANY who responded. Gert-Jan van Kooten
noted that this was an Eliant820 drive. Most replies indicated that this
type of drive needs the newer "premium" cleaning tapes, rather than the
"white" tapes I have on hand.

The premium tape worked fine. Thanks to all who replied.

- Alan

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