[SUMMARY, off topic] why need UNIX to connect to company's network

From: Michael Wang (mwang@tech.cicg.ml.com)
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 20:31:49 CDT

I hope this "off topic" can be helpful when you manager asks you to
use a PC to manage your company's unix network.


A: Hello, help desk, how can I connect to company's network with
   my unix machine?
B: What? unicks? How do you spell it?
A: That is, u-n-i-x.
B: OK, let me see. The software from IBM says that it does not support
   unicks. Why can you dial in with NT to do your work?


    ** WHY need UNIX to connect **

* using unix box from a dtterm, not NT telnet window.
* being able to run applications such as adminsuite from home, with only
  rpc using the link.
* native, better X windowing system. X emulator is slow.
  Terminal/X-Windows emulators under NT don't work properly.
* Consistency in development environment. Can do development off line,
  connect only when needed.

    ** WHY UNIX **

* unix has better performance
* unix is more stable
* unix has better security
* unix has better networking. Full suite of internet applications such as
  telnet, rlogin, ftp, finger, talk, rusers, lpr at both side.
* I need Unix to do my job, or do my job more effectively.
  Certain jobs can only be done on desktop unix, such as benchmark testing,
  resource management, and device configuration.
* I would require XXX hours of so-and-so's time, Unix I'll do myself.
* Free applications. Don't want to be a slave to Microsoft
* more control over your UNIX setup when dialling in than an NT system
* UNIX is more flexible than NT

    ** WHY NOT NT **

* Do not have NT at home. another computer system costs $$$.
* Machine is not powerful enough to run Windows NT
* NT will cost $$$. Office/Visual C etc will cost $$$.
* I would need another/larger disk to add NT.
* It's against your religion to run NT.

    ** Other issues **

* Linux can use NAT to support multiple machines under one IP address
* Family members tend not to play around with unix system
A few people mention I can just connect myself wether it is supported
or not. The issue is I do not know what they use, IBM's Virtual Private
Network (VPN). No idea.


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