SUMMARY: Diskless Client

From: Torsten Huebler (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 02:58:57 CDT

Hi all,

I did not receive any responses answering my question.

The only response I got (thanks go to Niall O Broin) suggested
to use my installserver as a platform for recoveries by

- booting the core Solaris from there
- (maybe) modifying the begin script to do a recovery from
  a remote tape server

... and that's what pointed me in the right direction.

We use Legato Networker for backup/recovery. To do a succesfull
recovery from a booted install client I had to

1) put a link from <path_to_cd_image>/export/exec/kvm/sparc.Solaris_2.5.1/nsr
   to /tmp/nsr ON THE INSTALLSERVER (nsrexecd will need a writeable /nsr to start,
   and THAT was my problem)

2) NFS-share the Legato Networker executables somewhere ... (<legato-server>)

3) boot the client, do the necessary configuration (or let your jumpstart configuration
   do it for you) until network interfaces, routing, ... are operational, stop
   before the software selection begins, open a shell session

4) mkdir /tmp/nsr

5) mkdir /tmp/legato

6) mount <legato-server>:<path_to_legato_executables> /tmp/legato

6) /tmp/legato/sbin/nsrexecd -s <legato-server>

7) mount your filesystem to /a

8) start /tmp/legato/bin/recover -s <legato-server>, relocate to /a and
   recover what ever you need ...

I tested using Networker 4.2.7 ... and yes, I'll upgrade to 5.5 on Sunday.

Nevertheless ... if anybody knows about diskless client setup (original
question is attached) I'd be glad to hear from you.



Original Question:

> Hi all,
> How do i set up a diskless client without using "HostManager"
> or "admhostadd"? I searched several documentations, but everything
> it came up with is the AutoClient package.
> I do already have a working "boot net - install" environment and
> i know about /etc/bootparams. The question is how to set up the
> filesystems and the swap space for the client on the boot server.
> (Again: i need the traditional diskless client without ANY local
> disk space ... no cache client or auto client ... it's for recovery
> purposes.)
> Thanks,
> Torsten Huebler

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