SUMMARY : 2.5.1_Recommended patching

From: Khoo Boon Hing (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 02:01:38 CDT

Thanks to :

Paul H. Yoshimune, Ray Delaney, Dennis Keller, Arthur Darren Dunham,
Karl Vogel, David S. Foster,, John D Groenveld,
Matthew Zeier.

The general consensus is to go with option 2, ie. edit the patch_order
file to remove patches that will overwrite your own updates.

It's mentioned in one of the replies that the patch cluster will check
and skip the updated files when it finds that the version of the files
are not those to be patched.
But in my test with another test system to see if this works,
this did not happened to me and my updates were over written.

Also thanks to Karl Vogel for sending me his install-patches script.

bh khoo

Original message :

Hi Sysadmins,

I have a SparcStation LX running Solaris 2.5.1 with upgraded Bind
to 8.1.1 and sendmail to 8.8.8 but no patch update for quite sometime
(since around end 1997).

I just downloaded 2.5.1_Recommended patch cluster from sunsolve and notice
that it includes patches for named and sendmail. Applying this
patch cluster will surely overwrite my upgrade.

Should I :

1. Apply the whole patch cluster as is and reinstall the named upgrade
   after patching ? ( I can do without reinstalling sendmail since
   the patch cluster also upgrade it to v8.8.8)


2. Edit the patch_order file and remove patches for named and sendmail
   (103663-15 and 103594-18) so that it doesn't change my upgrade ?

Or is there a better way to do this ? Please suggest.

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