SUMMARY (without a question): keyserv dying

From: Matthew Atkinson (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 04:42:22 CDT

Dear all,

Rather oddly, I've got a summary here without a question. However,
this problem has caused me so much grief recently that I thought
it would be worth sharing the answer with you all.

We've recently had a serious problem with /usr/sbin/keyserv dying
for no apparent reason, sometimes after it had been up for little
more than a few minutes. We thought it had been caused by file
corruption after the machine concerned had panic'd a few times, and
I was on the point of re-installing some or all of the OS.

However, a chance phone call from a Sun engineer pointed me in the
direction of the correct answer. Apparently, patch number 105568-13,
which is a library patch, has a problem which causes programs which
use this library to die unexpectedly. This apparently affects
keyserv more than most programs, and since we run NIS+, once keyserv
dies, no-one can log in, or POP their e-mail, so I get loads of

The resolution to the problem is to backout this patch to the
previous revision, in our case -12, which doesn't cause the problem.

So, if you run NIS+ (or NIS I assume), on Solaris 2.6, don't apply
105568-13, or you'll get problems. On our site, it makes everyone
unable to get any mail, and deluges our help desk with calls, so
it's really very serious. I've passed this comment on to Sun, so
let's see if they resolve the problem soon.

I'd be interested to hear if others have had this problem, and have
been informed of the resolution.


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