SUMMARY: UE450 multi-processor upgrade

From: Kevin Korb (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 14:52:47 CDT

Sun mannagers,
        The consensus is that I just plug in the CPU+dc-dc converter and do a
boot -r. There is also an issue about which slot to put the CPU in and how
to arrange the RAM. That information should be in the documentation for the
upgrade when I get it (if anyone wants to know just say so and I will tell you
but it will probobly be at least a couple of months before my company gets
around to buying anything). I have included all of the replys that I recieved
as an attachment (in UNIX mailbox format).

Thanks to:
Casper Dik
Otto, Doug
Martin Oksnevad
Ray Delaney
Jeff Kennedy
Salehi, Michael E
Jay Lessert
Jerry Litteer
Peter L. Wargo
Hall, Johnny
Chad Price

and special thanks to:
Jim Robertori
Rick Fincher
Tim Carlson

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On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Kevin Korb wrote:

> Sun mannagers,
> We are currently thinking of upgrading one of our Sun Ultra Enterprise
> 450 servers from one CPU to two CPUs. I have never used a Sun system with
> more than one CPU and I am not sure what to expect. Do I simply buy a CPU
> module and stick it in or do I have to change something in the OS (I am running
> 2.5.1)? Does Solaris just auto-detect the new CPU and start using it or do
> I have to do some kind of configuration change? Any information would be
> very helpful. I will summarize.
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