SUMMARY: NIS and Netgroups behaviour

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Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 12:16:38 CDT

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Turns out that netgroup works only with NIS running, and that using
it in .rhosts files is no problem. I'll also make the tentative
observation that the wisdom that follows applies certainly to netgroup
usage in .rhosts files, but not necessarily in other places (e.g.,
hosts.equiv, exports) because some of the rules I have to follow
(e.g., don't use capital letters) are rules I've seen violated in
other places without problems. That having been said:
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my problem was simply that our Netgroup was in UCASE this is not a
problem for 2.6 or 2.7 only earlier versions.


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-> I have an NIS question,
-> we have a mixed solaris environment mostly 2.5.1 and 2.6 with a couple of
-> solaris 7 boxes. we are trying to implement the use of netgroups for
-> /.rhosts and /etc/hosts.equiv . the man pages for all vers. of the OS
-> state this can be done with + and - @NETGROUP entries. we have been able
-> to get this to work on both 2.6 and solaris 7 but 2.5.1 doesnt seem to
-> work.
-> here are what my files have in them:
-> MELALL is a netgroup containing all of our trusted systems.
-> has anyone been able to get this to work on 2.5.1????
-> thanks,
-> Neal...
</--- original question --->

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