[Summary] Annex console server and stop-a/break

From: Sheryl Erez (serez@paragen.com)
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 14:27:17 CDT

The answer here comes from John Nguyen

With the Annex terminal server, the terminal is hardcoded to a "cli"
interface which, in turn, telnets to the console port on the destination
host. The point is to get the *telnet* to generate a break, which can be
done by:
      Press ctrl-] (or whatever is the telnet escape sequence)
      At the telnet prompt, enter "send break"
Note that the Annex port housing the console must be configured NOT to pay
attention to breaks and instead pass it on to the server.

-Sheryl Erez
 Systems Manager, Paradigm Genetics

Sheryl Erez wrote:

> Using a terminal server as a network server has been discussed before
> on this list. We are trying to do it with Annex equipment (model 4000
> I think). Our goal is to link about 2 dozen "console" serial ports
> and 1 actual terminal to the Annex.
> The system works except for the pesky stop-a. I can send a break from
> the terminal to a test machine via a direct serial connection. I can
> even send the break via a terminal emulator on the network when the
> sun console is configured as a "rotary". In our configuration, each
> console port is defined as a rotary in the Annex and also given a
> dedicated high port number (6000-6024) for direct access.
> What I can't seem to do is get the break to pass through the input
> serial port, through the Annex, through the output serial port and
> into the Sun to be interpreted as a Stop-A. I'm thinking this has to
> do with rotaries. One thing is that I have not figured how to make
> the rotaries available to the terminal -- right now the terminal gets
> into the Annex console server and then has to telnet back to itself to
> get the rotary list. It is probably that telnet loop that is stopping
> the break character, but I don't know how to avoid it.
> Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be welcome.
> -Sheryl Erez
> serez@paragen.com
> Systems Manager, Paradigm Genetics

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