[SUMMARY] DVD-R/RW and cdrecord on Sol2.6/sparc

From: Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram (mparamas@iupui.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 11:46:21 CDT

Though nobody in this list replied to my original question, Joerg Schilling
[schilling@fokus.gmd.de], author of cdrecord, upon my email request
responded within minutes as follows;

"There are currently no drives on the market. You will need to wait until
august or september.

The Pinoeer DVDR-S101 is not made anymore and the new 201 will not be
due to problems with US video companies that like to have copy protection

Sundar Paramasivan mparamas@iupui.edu
Systems Administrator
Indiana University Radiology/Imaging Science

-----Original Message-----
Has any one tried writing data on DVD-R or DVD-RW using cdrecord-1.6.1 or
cdrecord-1.8 s/w on Sparc/Sol2.6? If yes I would like to get the these

1. Manufacturer of the DVD-R or DVD-RW drive, model, interface type
2. O/S
3. h/w platform
4. cdrecord version used
5. Storage Capacity of DVD disk
6. Manufacturer of the DVD disk
7. Once the DVD disk is written in ISO9660, can ALL the data be read in
regular CDROM?

We have huge data sets to write, DVD-R would be ideal for us. Presenltly we
use CD-R with cdrecord-1.6.1 succesfully on Sol2.6/Ultra-10/pci-scsi-card.

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