SUMMARY: Mount options noatime & logging

From: Tom Mornini (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1999 - 16:40:38 CDT

And the answer is:

Comma separated, no spaces, options only.

Best response: Jay Lessert <>

He pointed out that I missed the relevent section in the man pages... :-(

Many thanks to all who responded:

Bruce R. Zimmer <>
Jay Lessert <>
Ray Delaney <>
Mark Neill <>
Casper Dik <>
Ken Small <>
Harvey Wamboldt <>

All were quick, and 100% correct!


From: Harvey Wamboldt <>

mailhost:/var/mail - /var/mail nfs - yes noac,actimeo=0


From: Ken Small <>

separate them with a comma, no sapces and no -o or quotes.



From: Casper Dik <>

You need to specify them with a comma:

        -o noatime,logging
or in vfstab:

>Also, with noatime set, you still get modification times, right?




The options are comma-separated, no spaces.


From: Ray Delaney <>

-o option1,option2



I use "bg,rw" when I am nfs mounting a drive. this is the last item in

Try "man mount_ufs", and read on from there


From: Jay Lessert <>

Errm, from mount_ufs(1m):

     -o Specify ufs file system specific options in a comma-
          separated list with no intervening spaces. If invalid


From: Bruce R. Zimmer <>

Put a comma with no space between the options eg.


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