SUMMARY: Solaris 7 UFS logging vs Disk Suite Trans devices

Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 01:36:07 CDT

Well I got one reply (guess it was a bit new for too many people to have tried)
from Bill Hebert <> (Thanks Bill).

Bill had some problems with untarring files and the logging daemon getting
behind (which meant that the filesystems becomes corrupt).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained so I tried it anyway and I haven't had any
hassles (yet) but the scenario is different to Bill. In my case I am doing this on
a large filesystem (3 x 9.1 Gb disks mirrored to another 3 x 9.1 Gb disks) for
a database partition (only 60 files). Given that I had a lot of trouble with
mirrored trans logs and filesystem corruption, I guessed that I couldn't be any
worse off.

Result: so far so good. Note that the automatic space taken for the log was
actually a little larger than the space I had previously allocated to the trans
device log so my filesystem was about 100K less than the old one.

If anyway cares or wants more information (or has more feedback), let me


P.S. Thanks again Bill for your prompt and useful reply!

>>> JON WRIGHT <> 10/03/99 8:55:39 >>>
Hi All,

I have a number of systems running smallworld (GIS/database) on
large filesystems. Currently we are running Solaris 2.5.1 (on Sun 450's)
with disksuite. The main database is a trans device with both the
filesystem and the log mirrored. The filesystem is stripped over three
9Gb disks.

We are about to upgrade to Solaris 7 and we have read about the
new UFS logging option (and in fact have played with it on /, /var

Sun's disksuite/Solaris 7 online blurbs say that trans logging "is
compatible" with ufs logging but what I want to know is whether
both are necessary?

We use the logging simply to reduce the fsck time, so maybe UFS
logging is sufficient?

I will summarise if there are any responses.


P.S. We don't like the trans devices very much due to some corruption
problems on external disk packs.

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Guru International P/L (
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