SUMMARY: Socket to Terminal Server

From: Randy J. Parker (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 11:49:16 CDT

> Does anyone know of a terminal server that allows
> Solaris to open a socket to a particular one of its
> ports?

Practically all terminal servers support this capability. It underlies
"reverse telnet".

Some terminal server vendors supply an actual "rtelnet" program to do this.
Otherwise, you can use the regular telnet syntax with special port numbers.
For example "telnet ts 5001" would connect to the terminal server "ts", port

While I don't think that this "50xx" convention is really a "well-known
port" in the sense of an actual RFC, it seems commonplace.

If no port is specified, telnet defaults to port 23, as defined in
/etc/services. This *is* a "well-known" or "reserved" port.

A socket program can fill out the socket data structures with the IP address
and port number to do the same thing.

Thanks to:
Misha Pavlov
Matt Reynolds
Philip Plane
Peter Hoeve
Dan Brown
Kevin Sheehan
Brion Leary
Stefan Silverman
Mark Schroeder
Alexandr Rogov
Steve Butterfield
Brian Sherwood
Bruce Zimmer
Seth Rothenberg
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