Summary: gif to ps

From: jhuang@Siac.COM
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 11:28:28 CDT

I got "Harvey M Wamboldt E-Mail:"'s reply shortly
after posting my request.
     And he gives me the right answer:
     "I think the convert(1) utility from the ImageMagick:

 I used "convert -append *.gif" which works so good.

Thanks for these people who reply and give me other good suggestions:

Bruce Bowler
     ImageMagick, see
Nicholas R LeRoy
     "The GIMP" (GNU IMage Processing)
Jimmy De Laet -
     ghostscript in combination with pstools
Thomas Anders <>:
     Use latex to arrange and scale the gifs on a page. dvips will give you
a single pretty PostScript page in the end (if all fits well).
David S. Foster, & Mark <>
Rik Schneider:
     Write a small html wrapper and call the page up in netscape.

My question was:
> Do you know how to:
> a): covert 1 gif file to 1 ps file
> b) covert 2 gif files to 1 ps file
> c) convert 3 ps files to 1 ps file

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