SUMMARY:Forcing users to change password.

From: John Black (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 01:57:46 CDT

My Original Question:

I want all the users to be prompted for 'Choose a new password' the next time
they log in. Could any body please tell me that how I can do this under
solaris 2.5. I have defined the max password change limit in etc/default as 4
weeks but now I am looking for a way to force users to change there passwords
at the earliest possible, regardless the limit of 4 weeks.
I know I can do this from admintool for individual users but I am ooking for a
global command which affects all users.

Thanks to all those who replied:(Forgive me, if I have missed your name)
"Dennis Martens" <> (Jafar Shameem
Rajeev Kumar <
Leif Ericksen <>
Tim Pointing <>
Stephen P Richardson <>
Sean Quaint <>
Ilhan Narli <> (Michael Wang
Jon LaBadie <>

The majority responded to use:

# passwd -f user_name

as a super user. I will write a small shell script using awk to execute this
command for each and every user in the passwd file.

Special Thanks to:
Amjad Zamil <>
N Chandrasekhar <
Sweth Chandramouli <>

who also provided me with similar scripts.

I apologize for not consulting the man pages before posting to this list. But
the feeling of password/shadow file being stolen was so much shaking that I
really forgot to do that.

Best Regards

John Black

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