SUMMARY: DHCP vs. hostname

From: Umit Dericioglu (
Date: Sun Apr 04 1999 - 10:12:11 CDT

first my apologies for very belated summary.

I delayed the summary because I was trying to get the ultra-10
obtain the reserved IP addr from the NT DHCP server with no success
so far. it is driving me crazy because despite the fact that
I define the reserved IP addr in NT DHCP server with the MAC addr
of ultra 10, the ultra 10 still gets a different IP addr from the
server instead of the reserved one, no matter what I do!
if anybody has an idea about this, please let me know..
the second reason for the delay was the 12 days of eid vacation here.

anyway, my thanx to Chris Marble, Birger Wathne, Bruce R. Zimmer and
David Harrington.

the conclusion is to define the host name in the DHCP server
with a reserved IP addr for the Sun box if we want to use it as
a DHCP client.

there is no other solution to define the host name as Solaris
tries to get the host name from the DHCP server, no matter what host
name I add to the /etc/hosts file, and it adds an "unknown" as host name
if no host name defined in the server for the IP address it acquires
(and still I couldn't get rid of that "unknown" since solaris does not
pick up the reserved IP address defined with the proper host name in
the DHCP server, as I said above)

so the conclusion is obvious yet it does not work!


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