Summary: how to get a list of printers

Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 12:11:49 CST

Initial question was how my programs could get a list of printers
(local and remote) on Solaris 2.6.

On Solaris 2.4 each printer had a directory under /etc/lp/printers.
Under Solaris 2.6, this directory is empty.

My thanks to the following for quick replies:

Igor Schein
Shawn Kondel
Michael Sulivan
Scott Pitsley
Jim Robertori

Appologies to anyone who wrote after this reply was prepared.

Most suggested lpstat with one of the options. This will, obviously, require
that my library function call lpstat with output redirected to a file,
then catalog the results, and delete the file.

The other option suggested was to look at /etc/printers.conf. Does anyone
know if this file format survives into Solaris 7.

Peter Schauss
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Smithtown, NY

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