SUMMARY: differential scsi and ffb info

From: Tim Ambrose (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 09:42:08 CST

This is a summary for the 'detect scsi (differential or single ended)' and
'detect video card type'

Thanks to:
Tom Schmidt
Juan Manuel Del Rio
Richard Smith
Thomas Anders

Tom was nice enought to send me copies of scripts to try out. (Thanks Tom!)
I did have scsiinfo and scsiping on the system, but I still cannot
determine from the output if a port is differential or single ended. (I will
have to look more into the docs, as it is reported that scsiinfo can do this).

As far as the video info is concerned, I was sent
fbinfo and sunmodel scripts which do work, but are not very up to date.
They do not detect some of the new U60's with PGX+24 cards...

Although, sysinfo | grep ffb seems to work, I will have to investigate it more.

Oh well, I will keep looking!

Thanks for all your help on this...


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