SUMMARY: 300 Mhz CPU mystery

From: RATNER, Jeremiah, GCM (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 16:49:21 CST

Thanks to all who replied, all of whom pointed out the need for
OBP 3.7 or greater and that jumper J2301 needs to cover pins 1-2,
not pins 2-3.

Works great now; thanks again!

Jerry Ratner

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Subject: 300 Mhz CPU mystery


I'm trying to put 2 300 Mhz CPU's in an Ultra-2 running
2.6 that previously had 2 168 Mhz CPU's. I've tried
2 sets of CPU's, both right out of the wrapping paper, and none
of them has worked -- no little green light in front, no banner
print, no response at all, except the fan turns on.
Is there some configuration required to upgrade the
CPU's on an Ultra-2 that I'm missing?

Jerry Ratner
Database Administrator
Greenwich Capital Markets

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