SUMMARY: Sybase 11 on Solaris 2.5.1

From: Yinghong Ko (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 10:34:02 CST

Original Question:

I have an Ultra 2, dual 300, Solaris 2.5.1 server running Sybase 11.

Question: Can Sybase utilize both CPUs?

Thank you all very much.

YingHong Ko

>From Siva Kumar:

If you configure sybase with two engines. Yes it
does. Modify "max online engines" parameter in
sybase server configuration file.

>From Todd Boss:

of course! Just configure Sybase, once you have
in installed and running, to run 2 engines
instead of one.

You'll see some slight perfromance degredation
however in some of your OS jobs, because Sybase
does tend to eat up all the CPU time on each
engine it uses...

>From Guenter Millahn:

yes, Sybase can utilize multiple CPUs. You must
shutdown your Sybase Server which should use more
than 1 Processor, and replace the "max online
engines" entry in the [Processors] section of
your <SERVERNAME>.cfg Config file by the number
of Processors you want to use (2 in this case).
Also don't forget to extend the System's shared
memory size to 209715200 or more in /etc/system
by this entry: set
shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=209715200. I run exactly
this configuration (U2, 2 Procs, 320 MB,
Sol2.5.1, Sybase 11.0) and it works fine.

>From Michael Wang:

why not?

>From Peter Polasek:

Sybase can take advantage of multiple CPU's by
configuring additional data engines. The
sp_configure 'max online engines', 2 command can
be used to define two data engines. If you set
this parameter and restart Sybase, you will see
two dataserver processes running. Sybase's
general recommendation is that 1 fewer than the
number of CPU's be configured for Sybase to leave
one CPU for the OS and system/application
processes. Therefore, they would recommend that
you run only one data engine with two CPU's (or 2
data engines with 3 CPU's). We tried both
options (on a 2.5.1 Ultra-2300) and found that
performance was vastly improved with two data
engines (against Sybase's 'rule of thumb'
recommendation). I think that their rule of
thumb is more accurate for servers with a large
number of CPU's (i.e. a 3000 with 8 CPU's) or if
there is a very heavy application load on the 2
CPU machine.

>From Torsten Huebler:

Yes, you'll have to adjust the "max online
engines" parameter. (Use sp_configure or edit
the config file and then reboot the
 sybase server)

>From Justin Zaglio,

Yes, if you want it to.
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