SUMMARY: S/Key software

From: Marcelo Maraboli (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 06:13:50 CST

Hello Admins:

I thank everyone for their time.

The S/Key software is in
An alternative site is
Mike Batchelor suggested to: Get whatever
is the
latest version of Wietse Venema's logdaemon package. It includes the
libs (MD4 and MD5 - use the latter) plus an s/key enabled /bin/login
replacement with access control features, and tcp_wrapper-ized telnetd,
rlogind and rshd replacements, among other things. Also get the latest
tcp_wrappers package from the same location. Build that first, the
package requires it. Both of them build and run perfectly on Solaris
2.3 and
later, sparc or x86, and I believe SunOS 4.x is also fully supported.

As for another "telnetd" in your system you just:

1.- add to /etc/services a line: "telnet2 100/tcp"
2.- add to /etc/inetd.conf a line: "telnet2 stream tcp ......"
3.- kill -HUP you inetd


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