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Hi All

Original Message - Does anyone know if there is a DEC Alpha list similar to
this one.

Everyone had the same answer:-

Subscribe address: with "subscribe alpha-osf-managers"
Post address:

Similar lists for non-Tru64 UNIX platforms are:

Vendor List Name How to Subscribe
====== ========= ================
Cray unicos-l ask (CUG members only)

DEC AlphaNT send "subscribe" to

DEC decstation-managers send "subscribe decstation-managers" to

HP hpux-admin send "subscribe hpux-admin" to

IBM AIX-L send "subscribe aix-l your name" to

RedHat axp-list send "subscribe" to

SGI info-iris ask (high volume:
duplicates comp.sys.sgi.* newsgroups)

Sun sun-managers send "subscribe sun-managers" to

Other forums that relate to DEC Alpha systems:

Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec includes all DEC hardware and software
                comp.unix.osf.osf1 OSF/1 on Alpha and other platforms
                comp.os.vms VMS issues for VAX and Alpha platforms
                vmsnet.alpha VMS on Alpha platforms


Thanks to :-
Allan Simeone
Lucia Gonzalez
Yizhong Zhou
James Neal
Rich Lafferty
Leonard, Roger
Thomas Leitner
Vince Hickey
Paul Wood
Richard Rayner
Bevan Broun
Jerome Limozin
Jacob Rajan
John Robens
Juan Manuel Del Rio
Jim and Donna Backer
David Buxton
and anyone else who sends a message after I've sent this one :-)

Many thanks

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